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chatbots for twitch

The program was meant to drive followers on the Twitch channel, increase engagement during live broadcasts, and elevate brand advocacy among new and existing viewers. When streaming was new, streamers had to get resourceful and find ways to do a lot of the things that bots can do now. Not even a decade ago, bots were somewhat new and couldn’t do many things — if you wanted a specific function, you might’ve had to use a specific bot that offered it. Content creators are more fortunate these days as most bots share similar functionalities now.

Is Nightbot a chatbot?

Nightbot is a chat bot for Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo that allows you to automate your live stream's chat with moderation and new features, allowing you to spend more time entertaining your viewers.

A very unique feature that Wizebot boasts is its special integration with the survival game, 7 Ways to Die. Once the bot is integrated with your channel and game, users can activate events within a game by subscribing to your channel. When you first begin to stream on Twitch, it may seem easy to moderate the few viewers who come to your chat. As you grow and become more popular, you need to have a way to delegate some of your tasks so that you can focus on your content.

Popular Ways to Connect Twitch with ChatBot#

After that, it didn’t take too long before the market became overcrowded with similar products. Are you a Twitch streamer who uses Discord for voice communication with friends or teammates during gameplay? Please note that you first need to join a channel before you can send a message to it. Will only exit once all given chat rooms where successfully joined or run out. Or the one set by set_prefix(), the prefix can not start with / or . Controls if instances of commands being issued in chat where no handler exists should be logged.

chatbots for twitch

This Event is triggered when the bot is started up and ready to join channels. You can listen to different events happening in the chat rooms you joined. Your command listener function needs to be async and take in one parameter of type ChatCommand. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently an official mobile app as the Nightbot desktop app is only available for Windows and macOS. However, you can get a seamless experience using Nightbot on your mobile device through your browser.


The best bot depends on the requirements of the streamer, most bots offer similar features and are generally easy to set up so it’s down to personal preference. No one’s exactly sure why, out of all the chatbots, Ankhbot is flagged as a virus, but rest assured, it’s a perfectly safe and effective chatbot for live streamers to use. Nightbot automatically responds to user commands and posts custom messages regularly throughout your stream. You can also let your followers choose songs from SoundCloud or YouTube playlists and integrate them with Discord servers. Nightbot even stores facts related to you and your streamers, such as follower count, subscription numbers, and how long someone has been following you. In addition to regular chat moderation, Nightbot offers protection from spammers through anti-spam filters.

chatbots for twitch

In this way, you can ensure visitors know exactly when and where to find you. Besides the usual chat moderation, Botisimo can display advanced analytics to show users how their stream is performing on any given day. New user counts are logged, as well as engagement and activity, and it is all neatly logged in easy-to-display graphs for streamers to observe.

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Compare the features offered by

each Chatbot to ensure you’re getting the best value for your money. Once you know what you’re looking for, you can start researching Twitch

chatbots. You can find a lot of information about chatbots on the Twitch

Developer website, and you can also find reviews and recommendations from

other streamers in forums and on Reddit. Deepbot supports scheduled messages, chat games, polls, and YouTube music requests in addition to notifications. Chatbot Lyn helps you set up your own commands and allows you to turn Auto Mod on. With Auto Mod enabled, you and your viewers get spam filters (which you can also customize), link protection, and emote protection, among many others.

  • With Boomy’s advanced machine learning capabilities, it can recognize what your viewers are saying and respond to them appropriately.
  • The user-friendly, free tool offers you many useful features that support you while streaming.
  • What this one gives you is options for both moderation and entertainment.
  • On top of that, your viewers can record quotes from your streams and save them for later broadcasts.
  • Nightbot offers extra features like giveaway management, song requests, etc.
  • As for what makes this particular bot so good, Streamlabs Chatbot offer more than 100 features to its users.

The substantial cost is fully justified by the features that the bot has to offer. The bot is easy to use and handle and can be integrated into your stream chat with ease. Not only can users set Phantombot up to be as strict or as gentle a moderator as they like, the entire program is open-source. For those uninitiated, a program being open-source means that its base code can be changed at will, making those who use it able to alter every aspect of Phantombot at will.

Keepalive messages

Wizebot themselves state that they are in constant development and currently has more than a hundred features available. However, one of their goals is to be able to provide you with plenty of advanced customization options for your bot. Well, OWN3D also created a chatbot that’s ranked amongst the best bots for Twitch, and we wholeheartedly recommend it if you’re an aspiring Twitch streamer. It’s part of the OWN3D Pro program that’s basically an all-in-one solution for anyone looking to take their stream to the next level. Moobot is another highly-popular solution for those looking to automate moderation and incorporate custom commands to their Twitch channel.

  • It also allows you to set up and organize banned phrases, links, and emotes so that you’ll know right away when someone sends them in the chat.
  • Streamlabs Chatbot is the best chatbot for Twitch because it’s free and easy to use.
  • Mac OS is no stranger to streaming, so why not capitalize on all your possibilities and explore something new with Nightbot?
  • Unfortunately, there isn’t currently an official mobile app as the Nightbot desktop app is only available for Windows and macOS.
  • Dice command, rolling the die, and sending a PRIVMSG message with the rolled number.
  • Consider factors such as ease

    of use, customer support, and the reputation of the Chatbot’s developers.

If you’re looking for a feature-rich Twitch bot, then the Streamlabs Chatbot is a great choice. Unlike the first two Twitch bots on this list, the Streamlabs Chatbot isn’t cloud-based. Instead, you’ll need to download the chatbot onto your computer to be able to run it. Streamlabs does have a cloud-based chatbot, which is aptly named Cloudbot, but it doesn’t come with as many features as the downloadable version. The top Twitch chatbots are known, manage all your chats and entertain your viewers with ease.

Twitch chatbots – the ultimate list and everything you need to know in 2023

Both Kik and Twitch are highly popular services with excellent support for chat bots. In this article, we are going to explain how you can make Kik bots and Twitch bots in just a few hours. If you want to create a simple bot to moderate discussions, you can. If you want your bot to talk like a real human being, you can do that as well.

chatbots for twitch

What is Xanbot?

A popular chatbot for newbie streamers, Xanbot is akin to Moobot, in that they're stripped-down versions of other chatbots like Nightbot and is focused primarily on allowing streamers to focus on their games without having to check their chatbox every time someone chimes in.

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