Ama Divers: Meet up with the Legendary Dive Women in Ise-Shima National Playground

Ama Divers: Meet up with the Legendary Dive Women in Ise-Shima National Playground

Mie Prefecture inside east Kansai has more than step 1,000 kilometres from coast, along with Ise-Shima National Park. Into the The japanese, we know since the birthplace out-of Shintoism and you can attracts of many arriving men and women. In unique surface, a few of the neighbors earn a living out of fishing, particularly for activities popular from the other countries in the nation, like the Ise lobster. Going to Ise-Shima try the opportunity to select that it therefore-named fabulous paradise and you can alive real event by the appointment this new locals.

  • Hachiman-kamado Ama Divers Hut
  • Kirigaki Observatory
  • The brand new Shiojitei Around the globe Hotel inside Toba
  • Lobster Angling

Hachiman-Kamado Ama Divers Hut

The phrase ama (??) ‘s the mix of two kanji, the first you to meaning “sea” (?) as well as the 2nd definition “woman” (?). Such “sea feminine” is divers known to totally free dive off of the shores away from The japanese for thousands of years. But you will find less and you can a lot fewer ama today. With regards to the most recent poll, ten years or more back, there were 2,000 nationwide, approximately 50 % of them around the towns out of Toba and Shima. Toba is the perfect place brand new Hachiman-Kamado divers hut is based, and this is where I’m providing your to own a call.

Who will be the new Ama Divers?

They ong all the info you see regarding the ama scuba divers out-of Japan. But, anything is definite – this type of mysterious scuba divers had been a desire to possess performers over going back centuries. Particularly, he’s used in of several Japanese images from the eighteenth and you may 19th many years. You may have seen him or her just before, wearing an effective loincloth tied inside the hips, and you will holding a basket loaded with abalones or other shells.

Once the Toba is even known for pearl farming, this new ama are usually wrongly associated with pearl angling. However,, since my ama servers would tell me, their mission is principally to dive to your seabed to possess food. Owing to their society, the newest ama are not only passing on novel free dive process, however they are in addition to passage on the a strategy and you will a way out of life which is such as polite of your own ecosystem.

Enjoy the Organization of one’s Ama with a seafood Meal

Shortly after an arduous day’s work, new ama other individuals inside their huts, in which they warm on their own in front of a fire. In these huts, they also get ready their sea trips and change the clothes. There are 2 Ama huts you to definitely anticipate tourists regarding the southern part of out of Toba. I visited included in this from the auto, accompanied by two people If not drive, the fresh ama usually arrange for one to be obtained, and you can cut back afterwards within Toba station, twenty-five minutes aside. You simply will not have any dilemmas recognising the fresh bus: it’s navy blue, wrapped in drawings out-of ama within their white suits.

When We found its way to this new parking lot, a female found greeting myself. It absolutely was diver Reiko-san, dean of cabin. When i is a bit very early, she got the opportunity to talk to me personally a tiny. She had merely celebrated their unique 90th birthday celebration so it week! She told me one to she become fishing from the thirteen and you can proceeded to dive, despite their eighties.

The new divers leave you a loving desired on Hachiman-kamado hut! My host is found on the fresh much correct and then so you can their particular, sporting a superstar, new 90-year-dated diver Reiko-san.

It is actually technically time for my two nearest and dearest and me personally to see the latest hut. Our servers, Okano-san, is waiting around for us, waving a small French flag, dressed in a smile that individuals could easily discover about their cover-up. She presented you into the container away from fish you to she had trapped before which we were gonna taste together with her.

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